Tax Credit

Reduce the amount of income tax you owe

One of the best ways to pay fees is by utilizing the Arizona State Tax Credit option.  This is a dollar for dollar credit that comes back to you on your state tax filing.  The limit for joint filing is $400 and for individual filing is $200.  Every donation gets credited to your student…so be sure to ask any and all family members and friends for a donation!  Even if you get more donations than you owe, that credit will carry forward to future band fees. It is important to note that Instrument Rental Fees are a separate district fee and cannot be paid for by tax credit or a check to the boosters.

Ways You Can Contribute:


Please go to the link below.  Be sure to designate Hamilton HS and then select “Band” in the activity field.  You may indicate which student this tax credit is for.  Then you MUST send Mr. Werner and Mr. Bullock a copy of the email receipt so that your student gets credit.

Hand Delivery/By Mail

Download a hard copy of the tax credit form and send in with your student to give to the bookstore. If you mail it, it will take time to credit your student.  Please send in an envelope with a check and give to the bookstore to get credited immediately.