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Congratulations to our 2024 All Region Participants!

This past weekend we had several students participate in the AMEA Southwest Region Band and Orchestra. Congratulations to the following students for their participation:

Devansh Avlani (Band – Alto Sax)

Ava Bolin (Band – Clarinet)

Sophia Chen (Orchestra – Flute)

Cedric Crandell (Band – French Horn)

Akari Iwamoto (Band – Flute)

Andrew Kim (Band – Clarinet)

Minjee Kim (Band – Clarinet)

Irene Liu (Orchestra – French Horn)

Darius Perkins (Band – Trumpet)

Scout Rothberg (Band – Trombone)

Vijayan Sriram (Band – Oboe)

Aleksa Stange (Band – Clarinet)

Dania Stewart (Band – Flute)

VJ Vora (Band – Trombone)