Holiday Bands Concert UPDATED

WHEN: Friday, December 11, 5:30pm (Yes! Earlier than normal!)

UPDATED 12/8: New info…

Happy Holidays Parents,

It is time for the Hamilton Bands to celebrate the holidays with our annual Holiday Concert.  The concert will be held this Friday, December 11, 2020.  To be able to have an in-person concert we are required to mitigate and manage the seating of the guests in the auditorium during each part of the concert.  We have had to separate the concert into segments, allowing the parents of the students performing on stage to come watch their child perform while not filling the auditorium seating to capacity.  Unfortunately, this means that you can not stay and watch the other bands. Our auditorium is not large enough to seat everyone 6-ft apart for the entire concert.

We have marked off the assigned seating for each parent and seperated the parents by more than 6-ft to mitigate the exposure to Covid.  Each student is being given 2 tickets to their portion of the concert.  Each family can decide who will attend.

We ask that you arrive at the time listed for your student’s performance and try not to be more than 5 minutes early as we want to reduce the number of guests in the hallways.  Only the parents with the correct tickets for each portion of the concert will be seated in the auditorium during each segment of the concert.  Each family has been assigned two seats together.  After you arrive, the ushers will seat you in your seats in the auditorium.  Please sit in the seats that you have been given as this is the only way we are permitted to have the concert in person.  Please do not remove the caution tape that has been carefully taped down to show you the areas that we can not have persons sitting.

Everyone will enter through the normal entrance.  After your child’s band performance, we will clear the auditorium for the next group to enter.  The only parents that are permitted to stay in their seats are those that have students in more groups performing in the next segment.  We will ask everyone to exit out of the front exit which will be clearly marked and depart out of the back drama area exit.  This will help keep the flow of traffic and possible exposure to a minimum.  As always, masks are required and they have to remain on during the concert.  Please try to remain 6-ft apart while entering and exiting the auditorium.

We are excited to have the in-person concert as it is very important to the students’ performing experience.  Video/Online does not permit the students the same experience, as a live audience provides feedback to the performance instantaneously.  Performing before a live audience is an experience every performer needs to advance in their educational journey. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us any time.  We look forward to seeing you Friday!  

5:55-6:00 – Jazz Band II guests enter
6:00-6:10 – Jazz Band II performs
6:10-6:15 – Jazz Band II guests exit
6:15-6:20 – Concert Band guests enter
6:20-6:35 – Concert Band performs
6:35-6:40 – Concert Band guests exit
6:45-6:55 – Symphonic Band guests enter
6:55-7:15 – Symphonic Band performs
7:15-7:25 – Symphonic Band guests exit
7:25-7:35 – Wind Ensemble & Jazz Band guests enter
7:35-8:00? – Wind Ensemble & Jazz Band performs, then guests exit

Here is the PDF info about the planned Holiday Concert. This is detailed guidance which will enable us to share an indoor concert, safely distanced and in limited numbers. Note timelines and traffic flow…

Of course, rules and restrictions may change at any time, so keep an eye on Remind for updates.

Band ‘Banquet’ / Picnic

WHEN: Friday, December 4, 5pm.

WHERE: Chuparosa Park (Off Dobson, South of Germann)

We will gather for an early-evening picnic, outdoors and distanced, to honor achievements and celebrate the past season. Meeting and eating (BYO) at 5pm, awards and videos after dark.

We have plenty of room to maintain 6ft or more distancing, and ask that everyone keep their masks on for the duration.

This is not an official school function. Attendance is completely optional. And obviously, if you have any COVID symptoms or any close contact with someone who has COVID, please stay far, far away! If you have any questions or are uncomfortable with something, feel free to contact Kim at

Parent Appreciation Performance – 11/23/2020

Calling all Husky Pride parents! Come celebrate and be celebrated by the Husky Pride Marching Band this upcoming Monday, November 23.

Every person in our band community has fought to make sure that we could continue our activities this year, and to keep our wonderful members happy, healthy, and growing through the COVID-19 pandemic. With some determination, flexibility, and a focus on keeping every member (and their families) safe and healthy this fall, the Husky Pride Marching Band has achieved our goal this year. None of it would have been possible without all of our incredible parents; our boosters, our volunteers, and parents who did their part to make sure their student was here when they needed to be. We are grateful, and would like to celebrate our community by giving all parents the opportunity to witness our 2020 production, “Sacrifice!”

WHEN: Monday, November 23, 2020 – Performance begins at 6:30 PM

WHERE: Jerry Loper Field; Hamilton High School Football Stadium

TICKETS: No, you will not need tickets. We do require an accurate headcount of all who will be in attendance. If you plan to attend, please email or let either Mr. Brown or Mr. Baker know over Remind.

We will give time after the performance for any photos you wish to take with/of your student. We will stay until the last family is finished. This night is all about celebrating our wonderful and supportive community. We could not do this without you.

CUSD Exhibition! NOVEMBER 7


2:45 pm      LOAD ALL EQUIPMENT! 

3:10 pm     Call Time:  Attendance, final cleaning, general Announcements, stretch outs. 

3:15 pm  Uniform Check out:  Follow the procedure:  Our Uniform Student Crew will check out your uniform to  

                 You.  Get into your uniform put your hanger back on the racks with the black bags zipped up over the 

      hangers.  Hold your shako box like a cake, Black Shakos Do not use the handle at all!  Make sure you  

      have everything!  BRING YOUR WATER WITH YOU!!!! 

      We are wearing our black bibs and black shakos! 

If you do not have the band shirt, dinkles (polished), black gloves, black sox you lose points.  Ugh. 

3:30 pm    Load the buses.  Be sure that you have everything to perform tonight! 

3:45 pm   Buses and Trucks leave for Basha HS 

4:00 pm       Arrive at Basha HS.  Unload and go to the warm up area.  Do not play till 

                   You are told to do so by me, Mr. Poole or Alexa.  There are rules and deductions for playing 

                    In non-designated areas.  Face the street. 

4:10 Pm    Winds & Drumline: Visual Warm ups. Across the floors in the parking lot.(15 mins) 

4:30 pm     Sectional Circle warm ups and tuning – Parking Lot (10 Mins) 

4:45 pm     WARM UP in Concert Arcs: Full Band warm ups and Tune/Run the music (30 mins) 

5:25 pm     Leave the Warm Up Areas to push to the field.  Silence.  Run your show.  Encourage each other.   

             EVERYTHING LIKE A CHAMPION!!!   We will march in the block that we use to enter the field on the track.   

            I am the 50!  THIS IS OUR first Contest SHOW!  

     Pit at the Pit Gate Ready to Go 

We will walk onto the track and spread 6 ft a part like football games.   

All props, Scenery, Pit, everything.  NO PARENT HELP TONIGHT! 

5:30     Playing of the National Anthem:  Remove hats.  At attention.      

Basha  5:40 

Castell  5:50 

Hamilton 6:30 

Perry 6:50 

6:30 pm  perform at the Basha Contest  – Rock the Field! Give it ALL!!! 

We will watch the other 3 bands perform.  We will take the field, set up everything, props, scenery etc.. 

Warm up on field in set Zero facing the back of the field – Mr. Murphy.  Battery – Jay  Pit- Jason 

Exit which ever direction we were standing to watch other bands. 

We will stand on the track like a football game room for us to sit 6 ft apart. Be sure to be positive and clap at the right times. 

When it is over we will pack the equipment trucks and buses and head home. 

NO EATING OR DRINKING in uniform.  We are not changing till we get home.  You may have your  


Pack instruments be careful of your uniforms.  You have to hand your uniform to a Uniform person to be checked.  You can not leave until they dismiss you by telling you that you did it correctly. We will watch the VIDEO FOR SURE> 

Go Home.   

Less than breathing…

The most recent research on droplets and aerosols from wind instruments…

From the article:

“The first goal is to identify the risks in Orchestra Hall of virus-carrying particles flying between and among players and to figure out how to capture or disperse those particles — paving the way for safe, in-person concerts again. But the results could reverberate beyond the performing arts and play to a national audience of scientists and policymakers who are only beginning to understand the role of aerosols in fueling the pandemic.”

click here to read the article

TL;DR : Wind instruments generate dispersion similar to, or less than, breathing!

More Details for Williams Field Show

Saturday, October 24th

Parents and other guests can watch us perform at WFHS. The host is keeping this event free to attend for spectators and bands. Donations will be accepted, collected in named buckets, and forwarded to the participating bands. Concessions will be available (proceeds support WFHS band), so no outside food is permitted.

Face masks will be required throughout the event.


4:15pm Call Time: Attendance, final cleaning, general Announcements, stretch outs.

4:30pm Uniform Check out: Follow the procedure:
Our Uniform Student Crew will check out your uniform to you.
Get into your uniform put your hanger back on the racks.
Hold your shako box like a cake, do not use the handle at all!
Make sure you have everything!
If you do not have the band shirt, dinkles (polished), black gloves, black sox, you lose points. Ugh.

4:50pm Load the buses. Be careful of your whites!

5:05pm Buses and Trucks leave for Williamsfield HS

5:30pm Arrive at Williamsfield HS.
Unload and go to the warm up area.
Do not play until you are told to do so by staff.
There are rules and deductions for playing in non-designated areas. Face the wall.

5:35pm Winds & Drumline: Visual Warm ups. Across the fields.(20 mins)

5:50pm Sectional Circle warm ups and tuning

6:00pm WARM UP in Concert Arcs: Full Band warm ups and Tune/Run the music (30 mins)

6:40pm Leave the Warm Up Areas to push to the field. Silence. Run your show. Encourage each other.
We will march in the block that we use to enter the field on the track.
I am the 50! THIS IS OUR first Contest SHOW!

6:45pm Pit at the Pit Gate Ready to Go

6:50pm At the Gate ready to go.

7:00pm Perform at the Williamsfield Contest – Rock the Field! Give it ALL!!!
Each of you have 2 judges’ sheets to complete:
Music: Williamsfield be specific on comments, Marching/Visual Campo Verde.
If you want our band to get better you have to invest your time and energy learning what other groups are performing better.

We will sit as a block in the stands in full uniform, if there is room for us to sit 6 ft apart. There is no room to have all the bands on the track like we are on Friday nights. We will see:
Queen Creek – from the track
Campo Verde
Willow Canyon
Williams Field

9:00pm “Awards” After the Awards Ceremony is over! – Celebrate in the parking lot – We will march back to the buses.

Pack instruments be careful of your uniforms. You have to hand your uniform to a Uniform person to be checked. You can not leave until they dismiss you by telling you that you did it correctly. We will watch the VIDEO FOR SURE…

Go Home. Celebrate. Sleep in. Rest, practice your instrument Sunday. Come back ready to keep improving.


Valley Vista6:40
Queen Creek7:20
Campo Verde8:00
Willow Canyon8:20
Williams Field8:40

Stay Informed! Get On REMIND…

Make sure you are on REMIND, and the correct Remind! There are limits to how many people can be in a single Remind group, so we have two different groups: one for students and one for parents. Most of the messaging will be duplicated, but occasionally we may tailor messages to the right audience. Check carefully: you MAY be signed up for an old Remind (2020 Winter Drumline, Color Guard, 2019 Marching Band, etc). These are the correct signup codes for the new 2020 Marching Band groups:

Students: @864kbh
Parents: @f2748f

You can log in to on a computer, or download the mobile app and signup, or if you don’t want to mess with any of that you can just get text messages to your phone with no other hassle. To sign up for app-less text messages, simply create a New message, with 81010 as the recipient, and enter the appropriate @xxxxxx code from above as the message. The Remind system will auto-respond to you with a confirmation, and your phone number will be signed up for that group (note: to be sure we have enough space for everyone who should be in the groups, this needs to be for current students and parents only).

First Game Night – OCT 2!

2020 – Home Football vs Centennial

  Remember your legacy and leave a positive mark on tonight’s game.  This can be a great memory for the future and for the rest of this year.  Please eat before you come and bring a gallon jug of water with your name on it.

4:30 pm   Call Time– 15 minutes early is on time.

                 Grab your prop with your partner(s) and walk it to the field carefully and put it where we sit.  Then return.

4:50 pm  Uniform Check out:  Follow the procedure:  Our Uniform Student Crew will check out your uniform to you.  Be sure to hang your hanger and white pants bag in your black bag on the rolling rack. We are checking Dinkles for polishing…. vets don’t let me down.  We are taking the uniform racks with us tonight.

If you do not have the band shirt, dinkles, black gloves, black socks, black shorts you lose points. 


5:00 pm   Section Warm Ups: Brass in the Auditorium, W.W. Choir Room, Guard Orch Room Perc Front

5:00 – 5:30      Section warm ups separately as sections

5:35 – 6:15      Full Band – Music run in the auditorium

6:15                 Bathroom!  Go whether you have to or not.  I do not think the bathrooms will be suitable for the Band to go to tonight with all this Covid going on.  We will see. 

6:25                 Line up in the block to go on the field: March to the stadium for pregame 6FT APART 3 lines

6:35                 At the track waiting to GO into our Tunnel for the Team

6:45                 Make the tunnel and wait:

                        Darth Vader into Fight Song as they come out!

                        Star Spangled Banner –  HAVE YOUR MUSIC.

                        Head for the stands.

7:30 ish            Leave the stands for warm up for Half Time

                        Warm Up circles remember to tune

                        Full Music Final Touches

First Show at HOME:  Sacrifice!  Tell the Story!!!

                        After the show:  Props and Pit back to where we sit and play the fight song

                        Fight Song as team enters the field:  

Debrief the show  then back to the stands quick.

9:30 pm  After the game is over– Play the Fight Song at the end of the game.

                        Play the Alma Matter when the team is coming over

                        Play the Fight Song for the team short

                        Grab your props and Pit and head for the band room.

                        Thank all the parents that were there helping us!

Put the Props and Pit in the band room.  Do not change!  Go to the Café to watch the video then change and go home.

Stay in uniform until we watch the half time video:  Watch the Video:  Set our minds on making it better!!!!

Pack instruments and uniforms.  You have to hand your uniform to a uniform person to be checked.  You cannot leave until they dismiss you by telling you that you did it correctly.

We cannot give you an ETA to release the kids to go home as we are not able to know when the game will end.  We generally have 45 mins – 1 hour after the game has ended to take the equipment back, pack, review the half time video and change out of uniforms. As this is our first game we appreciate your patience while our new kids learn our process.

Go Home.  Celebrate.  Sleep in on Saturday.  Rest, practice and be ready next week.

  • Schedule for next Friday, Oct 9th Practice.

Friday/Oct 9   Rehearsal 8am – noon: Bring water and a snack.

Call time for the Football Game – 4:30 pm!