Stay Informed! Get On REMIND…

Make sure you are on REMIND, and the correct Remind! There are limits to how many people can be in a single Remind group, so we have two different groups: one for students and one for parents. Most of the messaging will be duplicated, but occasionally we may tailor messages to the right audience. Check carefully: you MAY be signed up for an old Remind (2020 Winter Drumline, Color Guard, 2019 Marching Band, etc). These are the correct signup codes for the new 2020 Marching Band groups:

Students: @864kbh
Parents: @f2748f

You can log in to on a computer, or download the mobile app and signup, or if you don’t want to mess with any of that you can just get text messages to your phone with no other hassle. To sign up for app-less text messages, simply create a New message, with 81010 as the recipient, and enter the appropriate @xxxxxx code from above as the message. The Remind system will auto-respond to you with a confirmation, and your phone number will be signed up for that group (note: to be sure we have enough space for everyone who should be in the groups, this needs to be for current students and parents only).