More Details for Williams Field Show

Saturday, October 24th

Parents and other guests can watch us perform at WFHS. The host is keeping this event free to attend for spectators and bands. Donations will be accepted, collected in named buckets, and forwarded to the participating bands. Concessions will be available (proceeds support WFHS band), so no outside food is permitted.

Face masks will be required throughout the event.


4:15pm Call Time: Attendance, final cleaning, general Announcements, stretch outs.

4:30pm Uniform Check out: Follow the procedure:
Our Uniform Student Crew will check out your uniform to you.
Get into your uniform put your hanger back on the racks.
Hold your shako box like a cake, do not use the handle at all!
Make sure you have everything!
If you do not have the band shirt, dinkles (polished), black gloves, black sox, you lose points. Ugh.

4:50pm Load the buses. Be careful of your whites!

5:05pm Buses and Trucks leave for Williamsfield HS

5:30pm Arrive at Williamsfield HS.
Unload and go to the warm up area.
Do not play until you are told to do so by staff.
There are rules and deductions for playing in non-designated areas. Face the wall.

5:35pm Winds & Drumline: Visual Warm ups. Across the fields.(20 mins)

5:50pm Sectional Circle warm ups and tuning

6:00pm WARM UP in Concert Arcs: Full Band warm ups and Tune/Run the music (30 mins)

6:40pm Leave the Warm Up Areas to push to the field. Silence. Run your show. Encourage each other.
We will march in the block that we use to enter the field on the track.
I am the 50! THIS IS OUR first Contest SHOW!

6:45pm Pit at the Pit Gate Ready to Go

6:50pm At the Gate ready to go.

7:00pm Perform at the Williamsfield Contest – Rock the Field! Give it ALL!!!
Each of you have 2 judges’ sheets to complete:
Music: Williamsfield be specific on comments, Marching/Visual Campo Verde.
If you want our band to get better you have to invest your time and energy learning what other groups are performing better.

We will sit as a block in the stands in full uniform, if there is room for us to sit 6 ft apart. There is no room to have all the bands on the track like we are on Friday nights. We will see:
Queen Creek – from the track
Campo Verde
Willow Canyon
Williams Field

9:00pm “Awards” After the Awards Ceremony is over! – Celebrate in the parking lot – We will march back to the buses.

Pack instruments be careful of your uniforms. You have to hand your uniform to a Uniform person to be checked. You can not leave until they dismiss you by telling you that you did it correctly. We will watch the VIDEO FOR SURE…

Go Home. Celebrate. Sleep in. Rest, practice your instrument Sunday. Come back ready to keep improving.


Valley Vista6:40
Queen Creek7:20
Campo Verde8:00
Willow Canyon8:20
Williams Field8:40