Holiday Bands Concert UPDATED

WHEN: Friday, December 11, 5:30pm (Yes! Earlier than normal!)

UPDATED 12/8: New info…

Happy Holidays Parents,

It is time for the Hamilton Bands to celebrate the holidays with our annual Holiday Concert.  The concert will be held this Friday, December 11, 2020.  To be able to have an in-person concert we are required to mitigate and manage the seating of the guests in the auditorium during each part of the concert.  We have had to separate the concert into segments, allowing the parents of the students performing on stage to come watch their child perform while not filling the auditorium seating to capacity.  Unfortunately, this means that you can not stay and watch the other bands. Our auditorium is not large enough to seat everyone 6-ft apart for the entire concert.

We have marked off the assigned seating for each parent and seperated the parents by more than 6-ft to mitigate the exposure to Covid.  Each student is being given 2 tickets to their portion of the concert.  Each family can decide who will attend.

We ask that you arrive at the time listed for your student’s performance and try not to be more than 5 minutes early as we want to reduce the number of guests in the hallways.  Only the parents with the correct tickets for each portion of the concert will be seated in the auditorium during each segment of the concert.  Each family has been assigned two seats together.  After you arrive, the ushers will seat you in your seats in the auditorium.  Please sit in the seats that you have been given as this is the only way we are permitted to have the concert in person.  Please do not remove the caution tape that has been carefully taped down to show you the areas that we can not have persons sitting.

Everyone will enter through the normal entrance.  After your child’s band performance, we will clear the auditorium for the next group to enter.  The only parents that are permitted to stay in their seats are those that have students in more groups performing in the next segment.  We will ask everyone to exit out of the front exit which will be clearly marked and depart out of the back drama area exit.  This will help keep the flow of traffic and possible exposure to a minimum.  As always, masks are required and they have to remain on during the concert.  Please try to remain 6-ft apart while entering and exiting the auditorium.

We are excited to have the in-person concert as it is very important to the students’ performing experience.  Video/Online does not permit the students the same experience, as a live audience provides feedback to the performance instantaneously.  Performing before a live audience is an experience every performer needs to advance in their educational journey. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us any time.  We look forward to seeing you Friday!  

5:55-6:00 – Jazz Band II guests enter
6:00-6:10 – Jazz Band II performs
6:10-6:15 – Jazz Band II guests exit
6:15-6:20 – Concert Band guests enter
6:20-6:35 – Concert Band performs
6:35-6:40 – Concert Band guests exit
6:45-6:55 – Symphonic Band guests enter
6:55-7:15 – Symphonic Band performs
7:15-7:25 – Symphonic Band guests exit
7:25-7:35 – Wind Ensemble & Jazz Band guests enter
7:35-8:00? – Wind Ensemble & Jazz Band performs, then guests exit

Here is the PDF info about the planned Holiday Concert. This is detailed guidance which will enable us to share an indoor concert, safely distanced and in limited numbers. Note timelines and traffic flow…

Of course, rules and restrictions may change at any time, so keep an eye on Remind for updates.