CUSD Exhibition! NOVEMBER 7


2:45 pm      LOAD ALL EQUIPMENT! 

3:10 pm     Call Time:  Attendance, final cleaning, general Announcements, stretch outs. 

3:15 pm  Uniform Check out:  Follow the procedure:  Our Uniform Student Crew will check out your uniform to  

                 You.  Get into your uniform put your hanger back on the racks with the black bags zipped up over the 

      hangers.  Hold your shako box like a cake, Black Shakos Do not use the handle at all!  Make sure you  

      have everything!  BRING YOUR WATER WITH YOU!!!! 

      We are wearing our black bibs and black shakos! 

If you do not have the band shirt, dinkles (polished), black gloves, black sox you lose points.  Ugh. 

3:30 pm    Load the buses.  Be sure that you have everything to perform tonight! 

3:45 pm   Buses and Trucks leave for Basha HS 

4:00 pm       Arrive at Basha HS.  Unload and go to the warm up area.  Do not play till 

                   You are told to do so by me, Mr. Poole or Alexa.  There are rules and deductions for playing 

                    In non-designated areas.  Face the street. 

4:10 Pm    Winds & Drumline: Visual Warm ups. Across the floors in the parking lot.(15 mins) 

4:30 pm     Sectional Circle warm ups and tuning – Parking Lot (10 Mins) 

4:45 pm     WARM UP in Concert Arcs: Full Band warm ups and Tune/Run the music (30 mins) 

5:25 pm     Leave the Warm Up Areas to push to the field.  Silence.  Run your show.  Encourage each other.   

             EVERYTHING LIKE A CHAMPION!!!   We will march in the block that we use to enter the field on the track.   

            I am the 50!  THIS IS OUR first Contest SHOW!  

     Pit at the Pit Gate Ready to Go 

We will walk onto the track and spread 6 ft a part like football games.   

All props, Scenery, Pit, everything.  NO PARENT HELP TONIGHT! 

5:30     Playing of the National Anthem:  Remove hats.  At attention.      

Basha  5:40 

Castell  5:50 

Hamilton 6:30 

Perry 6:50 

6:30 pm  perform at the Basha Contest  – Rock the Field! Give it ALL!!! 

We will watch the other 3 bands perform.  We will take the field, set up everything, props, scenery etc.. 

Warm up on field in set Zero facing the back of the field – Mr. Murphy.  Battery – Jay  Pit- Jason 

Exit which ever direction we were standing to watch other bands. 

We will stand on the track like a football game room for us to sit 6 ft apart. Be sure to be positive and clap at the right times. 

When it is over we will pack the equipment trucks and buses and head home. 

NO EATING OR DRINKING in uniform.  We are not changing till we get home.  You may have your  


Pack instruments be careful of your uniforms.  You have to hand your uniform to a Uniform person to be checked.  You can not leave until they dismiss you by telling you that you did it correctly. We will watch the VIDEO FOR SURE> 

Go Home.