Bands of America – Flagstaff Information

Hello Huskies! We are ramping up to our debut competitive performance this season at the Bands of America – Flagstaff Regional at Northern Arizona University. In this post you will find the schedule, transportation waiver, and other important information to help this week go smoothly. The schedule for the week is as follows:

Monday, 9/26: Marching Band practice; 5-8 PM

Thursday, 9/29: Marching Band practice; 5-8 PM

Friday, 9/30: Marching Band dress rehearsal; 5-6:30 PM (load truck after full runs)

Below is the schedule and the transportation waiver. Remember, you only need a waiver if you intend on picking your student up in Flagstaff, rather than riding the bus home.

Please remind you student to eat breakfast on Saturday, and bring a snack for the bus if they want. It will be cool during the day but cold at night, so have them bring a jacket (the new travel jacket is very warm! 😃). They will need money for dinner at the dining hall, and for concessions/souvenirs in the stadium.

Students have free entrance to the stadium all day, and field crew (pit crew and staff) have access as well. Everyone else will need to buy a ticket for the show, which can be found here:

The livestream video of the performance can be found here: